How To Buy Okrika: Guide For Fashionistas

Babes how una dey na? I know say na babes dey read my blogs pass guys. Women like cheap tins sha! We no fit help ourselves because na so our mama dem train us.

I don see some people wey dey shame to buy Okrika. Dem dey consider wetin people go talk before dem buy am. I no blame dem sha because na the society wey we dey be dat. For yonder, oyibo no dey shame to buy Okrika ooo. I swear down ! I bin live for Obodo Oyinbo for many years, so I know.

Oyibo man like awoof deals and promotions o ! Dem also like to buy secondhand clothes, shoes and furniture – expecially when designer name dey attached to the items. Anyway, if you dey read this blog post, me I wan believe say you no dey shame.

Tips on How to Buy Okrika Online

If you want your wardrobe to get variety and you be fashionista wey wan maintain, then you must mix your Okrika with brand new things. Yes I talk am! Oga “Okrika Market” no vex. I no dey try chase your customers o, I just wan make dem like my post and even share am for social media sef!

Make I explain the best way for fashionistas to pick Okrika items.

1. Choose Brand Names ONLY

As a whats-up babe or guy, you must mix your Okrika with brand new clothes and shoes (Gbam!). You fit buy the type wey we dey call high-street like ASOS, H&M etc. Shebi you know say these brands no be designers? Ehen!

But when you wan select Okrika, make you look for high-quality designer names like Vera Wang, Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole etc. Just sprinkle these brands inside your wardrobe and you don upgrade be dat!

2. Pay attention to color

Abeg, no lick Okrika o ! E dey very unhealthy. Make una no laugh ooo. I don see women wey dey lick cloth because dem wan know whether the seller dye am. Some people dey make mistake wen dem dey choose color for Okrika. Dem dey believe say Okrika must wash so na only bright items dem dey buy. No be so!

No buy faded clothes – that one na solid advise. But look out for some plain colors like khaki, black, dark blue, dark red. You sabi say these colors na the easiest to maintain? If you buy really good cloth for this colors, you fit bring the color back by using small dye each time you wash am.

I buy wan Calvin Klein biker pants for Okrika. Price tag for this pants na like $250. So as ee be say the color no too tight, I dey use black dye to wash am whenever I don wear am several times. The trouser always dey kankpe and the color no dey disappoint.

If you use dye sha, abeg avoid rain oo ! Make people no wonder why color dey comot for your body.

3. No rush yourself

On, you can take your time. Go through the store and put everything wey you like for wishlist. Remember say no extra stock dey for back, but no pressure!

After you don add everything wey you like for wishlist, take your time read the description. If the item get small problem, the seller go write am for description and show pictures of where the problem dey.
Next, comot the ones wey you no fit manage then hit that “add to cart” button.

4. Select only from A-grade

Select A-grade items to make sure say you go fit wear am. If the item na bend-down or used, you fit manage am but just choose A-grade to be safe.

Na A-grade cost pass, so if you choose dress for B-grade or bend-down, no expect am to clean like A-grade and no expect say dem price go be the same.


Remember, no buy Okrika come throw am inside washing machine o. Na trouble you dey look for be dat because your new cloth colour go just wash comot like say you pour bleach inside. Treat your designer Okrika with tender loving care because the price for new one dey reach hundreds of dollars.

Until next time, make una enjoy. Meanwhile, check out these designer brand items wey Okrika Market dey sell.