3 Authentic Black Friday Sales in Nigeria For 2018

Black Friday sales usually signify the beginning of the holiday shopping period. In the US, it is the day after Thanksgiving, but Black Friday sales in Nigeria is any day in November – at least for our e-commerce giants.

Although it’s not an official holiday, many people take the day off to get a head-start on their holiday shopping. In Naija, Black Friday sales are experienced mostly online and in major shopping malls offline.

Last year, the Black Friday sales at Shoprite Ibadan was a thing of beauty. The mall was jam-packed for days and movement was a problem. So I’m truly excited about what this year’s sales have in store for us.

Why Is Black Friday So Popular?

Black Friday has become a shopping sensation in Nigeria thanks to Jumia and Konga. It has become the busiest shopping period of the year for the Nigerian e-commerce industry. To entice shoppers, retailers typically crash prices and offer special sales and promotions on most products they stock.

But are these prices truly transparent? For example, I know with a certainty that vendors on some major platforms usually increase the prices of their goods weeks before the sales just so that they can reduce it during the Black Friday sales and still appear compliant.

The truth is that the special deals offered by stores can only be available in limited quantities. I am truly worried when Black Friday spans over weeks and retailers offer the products in unlimited quantities. I ask myself, what price precisely am I paying – rock-bottom or hiked prices.

To understand my mentality, let’s look at the original idea behind Black Friday.

Early origins of Black Friday Sales

Black Friday shopping started in Philadelphia in the mid-1960s. The term was used by the police to describe the heavy traffic that clogged city streets the day after Thanksgiving.

The phrase was originally associated with a financial crisis in the US. Two Wall Street financiers Jim Fisk and Jay Gould bought some gold hoping that prices will soar and they would reap huge profits.

On Friday, September 24 1869, the U.S gold market crashed and the financier’s investment left them bankrupt. Hence the term Black Friday was coined. Years later, the post-Thanksgiving period became linked to the name.

As you can see, Black Friday really means going bankrupt. Shops are supposed to sell at prices which could render them bankrupt if done all through the year. So how are Naija retailers using the term “Black Friday Sales” for any sale. Is it just to attract shoppers or are they selling at bankrupt prices?

3 authentic Black Friday Sales For 2018

Black Friday has become an important period for many Nigerian retailers as they want to offer discounts that will boost sales and their profits. However, the increase in consumer demand and competition between retailers has led to an overwhelming amount of fake deals that cannot really be called Black Friday deals. They are simply ‘sales’.

To help increase sales and profits, deal with competition and satisfy customer demand, some online sellers in Nigeria are now choosing to run their Black Friday sales across an extended period, rather than the customary 24 hours.

Even though there is nothing wrong with this practice, it simply indicates that these sales are not really Black Friday sales. This post was created to help Nigerians understand this simple fact.

1. Jumia’s Black Friday Sale

I love Jumia’s Black Friday sales. Even though some unscrupulpus sellers will hike up the price prior to the sale; overall the quality of the sale is truly amazing. You may not be getting as much as 70% off as they claim, but you’ll definitely be getting something off.

The special thing about Jumia is the freebie coupons you get. Using a coupon during this sale period is a great way to truly get an authentic Black Friday discount.


2. Dealdey by Konga

Another great place to get rock-bottom price for Black Friday is Dealdey. This is a website that already focuses on sales and offering low prices. Basically, vendors want the publicity and are willing to offer low prices for this. Buyers can take advantage of this and get some really awesome deals at very low prices.


3. Okriks Market

Okriks is an all-year-round-black-friday-retailer. Yes o! with really low prices for secondhand items, Okriks does not pretend to have a Black Friday sale because they already offer bankrupt prices anyway.

Check out the deal they are currently offering on skirts. 300, 400 and 500 naira for skirts that are A grade and some brand new. That’s bankruptcy prices if I’ve ever seen one.

Just like Jumia, Okriks offers loads of vouchers to help make shopping even more affordable.

Let’s not forget offline shops too! Look around your neighbourhood and you’ll be surprised to find some seriously badass deals. I’ve seen shops crash prices just so they can stay competitive. These days, the online shopping craze in Naija has really crippled sales for the small offline retailer. So look there too for deals that you can smile about.


Final Thoughts

Notwithstanding when a retailer chooses to go on sale, it’s clear that Black Friday sales is a very important practice for most Nigerian sellers. Some sellers are actually dependent on holiday shopping to turn a profit for the year. For others, it’s simply a day (or period) when they definitely make bigger-than-usual profits.

The recent popularity of Black Friday sales has generated a couple of other shopping holidays like Cyber Monday. For shoppers who are too busy to shop on Black Friday, the Monday after Black Friday (Cyber Monday) has become quite popular for the many online deals that shoppers can take advantage of from the comfort of their homes.


Black Friday | Advice for shoppers in Nigeria

Choose a budget — You can easily get carried away if you don’t set a budget for your shopping. Even if an item is highly discounted, it might still be out of your budget. Think of what you can afford to spend and stick with it.
Do your research — Do your research before shopping. If you have a specific item in mind, look around for the best price first. Have an amount in mind that you are willing to spend and compare prices before buying.
Payment choices — It is always a good idea to pay for your orders online, but e-commerce in Nigeria works differently. If you are worried about the goods you’ll receive, opt for ‘pay on delivery’ so that you can at least view the items before payment. It will provide you with an extra layer of protection if things go wrong. Remember, don’t put yourself into debt.
Is there returns? — By every online shopping standard, the goods you purchase should have a refund policy. If they don’t, it’s your right to get a refund. On Okriks.com you have 7 days to return the items purchased and request for a refund.
Happy shopping this Xmas and remember that January will surely come as you shop.????????