5 Most Expensive Vintage Bags Of All Time

Shopping for vintage bags is always an exciting prospect no matter the state of the bag. Your choice of vintage handbags can tell a lot about your personality than anything else. It is a direct indicator of your taste and lifestyle. There are many people in the world who like to spend a fortune on handbags and collect a variety of them. If expensive handbags interest and fascinate you then here is the list of 5 most expensive vintage handbags to take your minds of Naija wahala!

#House Of Mouawad’s The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

Price: $3,800,000

If you are an expensive bag collector then this heart shaped purse by House of Mouawad is what you need to get your hands on. This purse holds the Guinness world record of being the most expensive bag in the world because of 4,517 diamonds that are securely encrusted on the precious metal.

#2 Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

Price: $250,000

Lana Marks come up with this enchanting masterpiece, named as Cleopatra bag, only once a year. Made up of rare crocodile skin with the clasp of 18k white gold and 334 diamonds, this wonder accessory lives up to its hefty price tag.

#3 Leiber Precious Rose

Price: $92,000

Now, this bag is what we call fancy. This Leiber metal clutch is made up of one thousand and sixteen diamonds along with one thousand and one sixty nine pink sapphires and eight hundred tourmalines. This artistic piece is so rare that there is only one Leiber Precious Rose clutch available in the whole world.

#4 Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag

Price: $42,000

Louis Vuitton never fails to amaze us with their trendy yet high-end bag collections. Their recent tribute collection featured only 15 tote bags that were designed using different patches of previous Louis Vuitton classic handbags. Even though this bag does look quite appealing to the eye, it has received quite a lot of love from celebrities.

#5 Fendi Selleria Bag

Price: $38,000

Fendi is the high-end designer of the modern world that all celebrities turn towards. They excel in high-end bags but this white Selleria bag stole the show. It is made up of the rarest leather which is chinchilla and sable leather.

These handbags are not only very high quality and classy but also one of a kind. They are limited edition and some bags are also just made on order. Add these lavish handbags to your collection and make a statement every time your sport them.